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Among the most prominent dogs out there is the Klein German Spitz. This write-up can provide you all of the relevant information that can help you decide for the very best pet to purchase.

Due to the cross breeding done throughout the Viking times, a Germans Spitz Klein or Spitz Klein was became a progeny of the Nordic herdings. It was throughout the Middle Ages that the Vikings brought their herding dogs all over Europe; hence, it basically cross breeds with other herding and shepherd dogs. Hence, Spitz type was then born and spread. A German Spitz Klein is available in varied colors. For the comfort of the prospective buyers, they present wide variety of colors and color combinations such as white, black, gold/cream, sable, mix of black and tan. To present you hints and clues about them; they’ve got wolf or fox like head with ears in a triangular form and another amazing feature they’ve got are the double coats curled over the back tail. It appears like a Pomeranian as wrongly say by some but they’re actually far more distinctive from one another. American Eskimo Dog is another example of a dog breed that have fairly the same resemblance with the German Spitz. But then again, you are just talking about two different breeds of dogs from two various lineages and histories.

In comparison to the dog breeds that has average coat length, they’ve got smaller sizes and their life span is 14 to 18 years. They are best to cuddle with and are very friendly in nature, making them the right pet for your whole family. On top of that, they also have a really good intellectual capacity, naturally friendly and they’ve got a really alert and active intuition. They can grasp no matter what dog tricks you want to teach them, so definitely you’ll have a pleasurable time in teaching them. Nevertheless, if you’re intending to have a family getaway, then taking them with you will make the trip happier. To keep their briskness, taking them for a walk in a park or in your backyard will do because they only need some exercise not like other big breeds of dogs.

It is of greatest importance to find out about some particulars on providing them proper hygiene and proper grooming. The German Spitz dog will require 30 minutes of your time each week in having their coats brushed. Doing such can leave their coats fresh and clean looking and tangle-free. You shouldn’t trim their coats for it will simply thickened more and more later on. For people who simply raise this form of dog for the first time, taking care of a thicker coat can be a bit tough to them and this also demands better period of time to make the proper grooming. Nonetheless, it is strongly recommended that trimming at the anal area, toes and hocks must be made occasionally. Also, you should know that a female German Spitz will shed on a regular basis as compared to the male which simply does it once in a blue moon.

Likewise, one great plus about this breed of dogs is their loyalty and compliance to their owners. Additionally, they really love being with people of any age. Hence, if you have children or your grandparents at home, living with German Spitz dog as your family’s pet will never give you headaches ahead. These are their characteristics that made them the best partner for everyone.